Insignia Custom Braces – The Modern Path

A beautiful smile helps you to enjoy interacting with others and is a great way to boost your confidence. In case you have crooked teeth, or a bite that is not aligned properly, you have no need to worry. Insignia custom braces are an effective way to get treatment and will give you that smile that you have been longing for.

About Insignia

Insignia custom braces are made specifically for your teeth, unlike traditional braces which are manufactured to fit all teeth. With Insignia, each and every bracket is developed to ensure that it moves the corresponding tooth in the most effective way. This means that your dental appointments are reduced and the treatment will be faster.

How It Works

Insignia uses three-dimension computer software which your orthodontist uses to create a representation of your teeth. You will therefore be able to see how your teeth will move in each stage of treatment and the final result of your treatment. Your doctor will use the images of your teeth to create the most effective treatment plan for you. Insignia custom braces are available in a variety of options and you can discuss with your doctor the option that will be best suited for you.


One of the options available is clear aligners. These aligners are custom made specifically for your teeth. They are smooth and comfortable to wear and will not irritate your gums and cheeks. The aligners are not noticeable, which means you can go through your treatment without those around you knowing. You will normally wear a set of aligners for a short period of time – like two weeks, and then wear the next set of aligners. The aligners are removable so you can remove them when eating and brushing your teeth.

Clear Braces

The Damon clear braces do not have ties and use arch wires made of high technology that ensure your teeth move comfortably and fast. This treatment not only gives you a great smile, but also gives your face proper balance. Damon clear braces are highly effective because they combine the benefits of the original clear braces and clear aligners to give you the perfect treatment option. Since the braces do not use ties, they are not noticeable and you can enjoy your treatment without others knowing. The chances of the braces discoloring are also very low due to the absence of ties.

Metal Braces

Insignia custom braces made of metal are much smaller than traditional braces. These metal braces are custom made for your teeth unlike traditional metal braces which are produced for all types of teeth. These braces are more effective as they will enable your teeth to move comfortably and the length of your treatment will be shorter.


You do not have to worry about the cost of Insignia custom braces, since the cost is similar to the cost of clear aligners and traditional braces. The best thing about Insignia braces is that you get the additional benefits of having better facial features as your teeth are straightened. You should check whether your dental insurance covers Insignia treatment, since most dental insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment.