Convenience Features Every Robot Vacuum Should Have

A robot vacuum cleaner eases work and makes housekeeping a breeze for many people. However the one that you choose can determine the kind of experience you have every single time. The features of the machine you are about to buy should therefore be evaluated and related to the needs and expectations that you have if at all you are to enjoy full convenience of your machine. Here are some of the convenience features every good robot vacuum should have.

Wireless technology

The remote is one of the most convenient features the machine can have. This is because it makes communication very easy and depending on the technology used, you can control the robot vacuum even through walls. This is what a wireless technology can arm you with taking convenience a notch higher. Some of the best robots have remotes that show date and time as well as cleaning schedule that is automatic. Programming buttons are also made available, giving you an easy time creating the schedules. The wireless technology is a feature that definitely keeps you in control regardless of which part of the home you are in.

Touch screen

It might not seem as much, but this is a feature that can make operating your robot very simple. A touch screen takes off the confusion that is commonly experienced with button panels. By simply tapping your machine, you can have it in motion. This kind of screen creates an intuitive interface that matches with the modern demands as far as time and convenience are concerned. If you have a robot with a touch screen, you won’t have to waste your time studying a manual to operate your unit correctly. This makes using so easy, even for younger children.

Adjustable speed

Different cleaning needs call for different cleaning speeds and your robot should make this easy for you. A machine that has more than one cleaning speed is more convenient because you can set the perfect speed for a specific need. A slower speed can make vacuuming a smaller room or mopping it thorough because the whole area is covered effectively and deeply for that matter. You might also like slower speeds for thorough vacuuming of your carpets. Faster speeds, on the other hand can be great when you just want a very fast cleanup that still offers impressive results Different floor types might also demand different speeds and hence the adjustable speed gives you the ability to make changes according to the needs at hand.

Large dustbin

Another important convenient feature in a robot vacuum is a large enough dustbin. A large dustbin will save you from the constant need to empty, especially with regular cleaning schedules. When you have a larger bin, it also means that you can cover a larger area without worrying about how much the dustbin can handle. You actually have the convenience of cleaning most of your home in several sessions without needing emptying. Choose a unit that has a sizeable dustbin for more convenience.