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In order to make progress, you will need to design a good business plan which will include marketing strategies and social media presence. It is very difficult to expand and grow your business, but online businesses have no limitations and they are available for all Internet users. Finally, another thing that should encourage you to start an online business is the chance to run your business all the time without any limitations. As we have mentioned before, an online business will give you an opportunity to eliminate most of the expenses that are related to traditional businesses. Online business is much simpler and the cut in the expenses allows business owners to lower the price of their products and services.

In some cases all you need is a good campaign on social media networks and your new business will become viral. Founding a traditional company is not an easy decision because it usually involves a lot of paper work, legal procedures and on top of that you must invest in many things (office space for starters) in order to start working. In case you are still wondering why you should start an online business, we will point out a few good reasons. On the other hand, starting an online business is much simpler. One of the greatest advantages of starting an online business is the freedom you will get.

There is no working time – your business is opened 24/7 even when you are not awake. It is hard to tell whether someone in the café or the restaurant where you are sitting is not actually working on their business. Entrepreneurs don’t face the traditional business obstacles and provides many opportunities. Imagine a situation where you are drinking your morning coffee in a café and you are doing business. Modern technology including mobile devices, laptops, apps and the Internet are some of the tools that can be used in order to start working from any location. This is almost impossible in cases of traditional business. However, all these things have high ROI and if everything goes well, you will expand your business fast.

You need to have room for new products and you will be forced to provide discounts in order to sell these products. It is amazing how easily some new online company can become a real hit. We have all heard the stories of online businesses that have grown overnight. You don’t need to be tied to one location or to work in a certain period of the day (9 to 5). In addition, you also won’t need a warehouse where you will store your goods. Of course, you will also need to invest some money in your website. In addition, you will have more time to spend with your family and friends and organize your days and weeks as you please. For instance, you won’t have to buy or rent some expensive office space and worry about its location.Article Source:

The Modern Face of a Developing Indian Economy

Bangalore is the 5th largest city in India. With a current population of 10,839,725 people, this city is one of the fastest growing metro cities of South India. This wonderful city is officially known as Bengaluru. Over the last few years, it has become a hub for various thriving high-tech industries. With numerous developments and continues progress, this city represents the modern face of the developed Indian economy.

IT Sector

Due to an immense growth in the Information Technology sector, Bangalore has been now referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. A large number of international and domestic information technology companies have set up their operations in this city. Some of the top-notch IT companies in Bangalore are:

SAP Labs
Wipro, etc.

Due to the steady growth in the IT sector over the years, this city has managed to attract over 470 investment projects. Moreover, several migrants from all over the nation have started heading towards this city in search of jobs. According to a study published by the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi in 2013, over 48% of migrants to Bangalore are university graduates and post-graduates.

Real Estate Sector

Not only the IT sector but also the real estate market in Bangalore has grown at an average rate of 5%. An overall growth of 9% has been recorded in both the west and south regions of Bangalore during July-September 2014. Currently, several infrastructural projects such as civic infrastructure, road development and much more are in progress that are keeping the real estate market robust in this city.

The Information Technology industry is the key influencer for the growing housing demand in Bangalore city. Numerous IT companies have already set up their offices in the east. Many new companies are now expanding towards north and south to establish their offices out there.

According to a London-based global management consulting group, Bangalore, followed by Mumbai and Kolkata is amongst the 3 most popular metropolitan cities in India. All these 3 cities are among the rapidly growing cities in AT Kearney’s Global Cities Index. These cities have shown a continued improvement in their scores in information exchange, human capital, business activity and various other key parameters. Being India’s technology hub, Bangalore has become a magnet for technology talent in the country.

The growing demand for talent is leading to a positive impact on salaries. A growth of 15% in remunerations is expected in the near time. Moreover, various clusters in Bangalore will attract the best salary growth rates, especially IT with 14.7% growth, health care and pharmaceuticals with 13% and so on.

All You Need To Know Touchscreen Laptops

The touchscreen technology has not only touched smartphones and tablets, but laptops and PCs too. A large majority of modern-day PCs and laptops ship with “built for touch” features. But one question that many ask is that does it warrant the extra cost? Does it improve the functionality of the system in any way?

Choosing to buy a touchscreen laptop is definitely a matter of personal preference. However, we would like to present a fact sheet listing the pros and cons of touchscreen laptops before you head out and buy yours.

Creates for Quicker System

On a touchscreen laptop, you can issue computer commands by simply touching specific points on the screen. There are resistive and conductive metallic layers distributed across the screen panel. They are electrically charged. When you touch the screen, it transmits the coordinates to the operating system where the command is interpreted and executed.

So, you simply press where you want. You don’t have to scroll and click away with your mouse. You also don’t have to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Intuitive User Interface

By tapping tiles and swiping through menus, you interact directly with the applications on the screen. It is more responsive this way. Most laptops featuring the touch facility have optimized their interface for it. Thus, you no longer experience trouble handling smaller-sized functions such as scroll bars and the close button. You can also zoom in on a feature and tap it more accurately. A more intuitive interface makes it a joy to work with a touchscreen laptop.

Fine Precision

A higher level of precision comes with a pen-enabled touchscreen laptop. With the pen or stylus, you can write and draw just the way you would on paper. To add, the panel can translate your writing into text. The precision can be an advantage to bank on if you work a lot in Adobe Photoshop and other design applications.

Gets Rid of Hardware

A touch enabled screen dispenses with the need for computer hardware such as a mouse and trackpad. That’s less clutter to carry around when you are travelling.

It’s classy

While the market is flooded with affordable touchscreen phones and tablets, the touchscreen laptop is still reserved as a luxury due to its high cost. Therefore owing one is something to be proud off.

But, it’s a drain on battery

Now coming to the drawbacks, it draws extra current from your battery. A touchscreen is a high capacity screen and needs the extra power to support it. When compared to their non-touch counterparts, they lasted for an hour less. That is almost 25% loss in battery life.

A shorter battery life means more charging sessions and hence, it might not be a very good option for professionals who are always on the move.

They are thicker

The added thickness is a necessity on touchscreen laptops. They also weigh more. However, the increase in weight is not much.

You will be tapping, swiping and wiping

Obviously, every time you touch your screen, you are sure to leave a smear here and there. It looks quite messy if it has not been wiped for long. So, you will be wiping it more often.

Work at Home – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Work at home, it is easier than you think! Some people tend to avoid work at home businesses because they think that they are not profitable enough. This is a misconception, because in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. It is true of course, that an online business is not for everyone and that there are some people who would probably be better off trying their hand at Garbage Collecting, I guess we all know some of those people.

Many people have full time work at home jobs and they are easily able to pay their bills and earn much more than some people with a physical jobs. There are a lot of good paying opportunities online. If you are looking for a way to have more flexible work hours and to earn more, you might want to take a look at some different work at home job possibilities.

Technical Advisor. This is one of the best paying jobs online, specifically, Bilingual Senior Technical Advisor. When you hear about this type of job description, you might think of an office job. Before the internet, this job used to be done only from an office but today, many technical advisors work from home offices.

This job provides technical support and direction over the phone for important clients to help keep businesses on track and running smooth every day. The work time for this occupation is anytime of the day depending on your schedule.

Executive Director. Probably you might want to ask, Is it possible to run a whole office remotely while still at home? The answer to this is a big YES. Many companies now are making this job virtual by way of the technology changes in the internet. This is also because it widens their geographic search area. With this strategy, they can also hire a wide variety of qualified applicants and eliminate costs for more office space. The most important qualification for this position is communication.

Nonprofit Director. One of the most effective ways for nonprofits to stay flexible is by hiring telecommuters. This will lessen their expenses in having to have an office space for them. A working from home nonprofit director will spend their days communicating and working with their board of directors, managing budgets, creating strategic plans and maintaining records all from the comfort of their own home.

Company Chef. This job entails making menus for restaurants and being able to cook in the comfort of your own kitchen. This also includes deliveries. The home chef’s also prepare ingredients, menu for the whole restaurant which is programmed and implemented via an online program.

Advertising Directors. Directors of advertising companies work at home because their main tasks are collaborating with partner agencies, internal stakeholders, and their team via emails and online communication. That is why it is very important to have good communication skills.

Telecommunicator. There are many companies that also hire employees to work from home as telecommunicators. This job entails taking care of marketing for the company and they also spend time talking with clients to maintain relationships.

Company Writers. Many companies hire writers online for promotion and sales. These writers produce a specific number of articles every day to keep traffic and help increase visitors to the company website.

Tire Manufacturers With Tire Building Bladder

By using the right quality tire building bladder, small and medium manufacturing plants can assure their customers that they are getting the best quality tires that would be able to fit all modern standards of safety and durability. Embracing modern technology Besides higher cost saving options as well as the possibility to produce tires of higher quality, bladder also gives you the option of adjusting with the latest developments in tire building. Not compromising on quality Whether it’s about building tubeless tires or it’s about building the tires with superior strength that are in high demand, tire building bladder presents a qualitative option for manufacturers.

The competitive advantages provided by reducing overheads and higher quality by adapting to tire building bladder just can’t be avoided by any tire manufacturer. By procuring tire building bladder from specialized manufacturers, you can save enormous costs of building an expensive plant. Specialist manufacturing companies already have been chosen to supply tire building bladder by a lot of reputed tire manufacturers across the world. With much more streamlined manufacturing process and higher productivity, tire building bladder is certainly the right option for businesses. While a small plant would indeed be adequate for building treaded tires of different shapes and sizes, building quality modern tires will need bladders that can’t be easily manufactured in a small plant.

The availability of affordable tire building machines has further made it a really good option for small and medium scale businesses as well. Building a tire from scratch in your own plant could mean more labor charges and higher energy costs. This can however be solved by procuring tire bladder from specialized manufacturers. Improve your competitive advantage The advantages of procuring bladder for a tire manufacturer are immense. With the demand increasing for tires throughout the world, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to set a foothold in the tire manufacturing industry. Even with a medium scale investment, manufacturers can build high quality tires that could easily compete with bigger manufacturers.

Save your costs Gone are the days, where producing tires in giant energy intensive plants were the only option for businesses. All this however can be avoided by opting for using building bladder. A lot of the major manufacturers already use turn up bladders manufactured in specific regions, which supply to its supporting plants across different countries. Different quality bladders are available from manufacturers based on the quality and prices preferred by manufacturers.

Gone are the days, when giant, rusty and highly-polluting plants were the indispensable aspects of a manufacturing plant.

Do You Support the On-Going Revolutionary Process?

The University of Science and Technology in Kumasi had planned to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of its Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC) on 11 January 1982, and the TCC Director had been invited to appear on national television for a half-hour interview.
Supported initially by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), like Barclays Bank International Development Fund, Rockefeller Brothers, Oxfam and Christian Aid, it proved possible to provide training and locally-made equipment to upgrade several grassroots industries carried on by numerous small enterprises.
The Technology Consultancy Centre had been founded in January 1972 to provide a means by which local industry could access the technical and scientific resources of the University.

After identifying the needs of several informal-sector industries including auto repair, soap making and cotton weaving, the TCC planned development projects and sought funding from international agencies.
The work of the Centre in promoting a large number of successful small-scale industrial enterprises had excited much interest and periodic media attention, but the excitement of the recent coup had swept aside all other considerations.
By 1981 the work of the TCC was supported by major international donors like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the UK Overseas Development Administration (ODA).

For example, by 1975 there were fifty small soap making enterprises using new technology and a few years later there were hundreds of beekeepers where none had been before.
At first, some sizeable contracts had been gained from government departments and large enterprises, but academics soon converted these to private consultancies to prevent the university taking part of the fee.
Major technology transfer projects were operating in Kumasi and at Tamale in the Northern Region and discussion was beginning of extending the programme to all ten regions of the country.

It was a tense moment for the English professor in the fervid atmosphere of revolutionary Ghana a few days after Jerry Rawlings’ second military coup on 31 December 1981.
It was perhaps surprising that the TV schedules had not been changed but the interview came on as planned.
The director travelled 250 kilometres to Accra to keep his appointment at the television centre.

However the TCC had already turned its attention to the grassroots to see what technology transfer could do at that level.
So in normal times there would have been much of general interest to discuss on TV, but these were not normal times.
His vehicle was stopped at several checkpoints, some manned by the military and others by personnel of the newly-formed People’s Defence Committees.
With much relief the director found himself questioned about the work of the TCC and the time passed quickly.